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"To anybody who has ever graced the floors of my house,

At 9:45 PM on Ocotber 31, 2005, I was confronted by my parents about the party on Saturday, they brought me to ruins and tears, yes tears, I love them too much to do this to them anymore.
My brother and I can no longer stand the pressures of throwing these parties. Due to the staggering lack of respect to my house, although only shown by a few people (the damage is too much).
It has been a good run of some 20 something parties, shindigs, whatever you may wanna call them, but it is time for me to retire and ride into the sunset. From Walker Texas Ranger, Dynasty, Angelo breaking the ceiling (making Kevin and I fix the damm thing), me rapping in the shower passd out, watching porno and Cop Drama, trying to find out who stole me and boyscouts vodka, Sal stealing my hat all the time, my second birthday (March 19th), Kevin making out with girls in my bathroom, skankin it up in the basement (my ones you are without a doubt the best skanker ever), the time Justin got bleach for myones' blood stained shirt, drinking to Gentleman Caller, Danny O and Myones wrestling in the backyard full of mud, Massa givin me and Dan advice on life in the backyard, and TEA TIME. Tea Time was the best time though as, we talked about problems, went into apathetic comas, girls, sports, sometimes risk, and Justin brewing the finest English Breakfast in the world (the English aint got nothin on ya bro). Tea Time is Quiet Time.
Thank you to anyone who helped clean up (there are too many to count, but you know who you are)

To all the brosefs (including the girls), we had some amazing times, and I hope they can continue in the future. I love you all and I hope our the friendships I have established can still continue

Your brosefs,
Eric and Justin"

i am pretty sad that it is over, and mad that ppl had to ruin a good thing and now ill prob have to drink in the cold...but i respect this decision. thanks for the good times eric and justin.
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